BSC: Docs

Welcome to Build Strong Connections (BSC)

I hope it helps you build strong and fruitful connections with the people in your personal and professional life.

Adding New Connections

To add a new connection choose New Connection from the menubar, enter your connections name and press enter.

You'll be taken to their profile page where you can add additional information.

BSC is not a traditional sales CRM so you wont see any fields regarding deal flow or opportunity size.

Instead there will be an opportunity to add information about your connection that you feel is important to interacting with them.

At the top of the profile page you'll see the default profile image. If you have a photo of them, perhaps from a social media account, you can drag and drop it here so you can see their smiling face instead.

There is also the 'contact' information section. That is when is the last time you talked (contacted / touched base) with them. The cadence, how often you'd like to be in touch. And the next contact - roughly when you should see what their up to again.

There is also a calendar so you can set a specific date. Note though, that BSC is not a calendar or todo list so it is not meant for you to schedule specific dates and times rather just a rough timeframe for a check in reminder.

When the next contact date draws near you'll get a reminder email from the system so that you never forget and lose touch.

There are also a few other important fields:

  • Aspiration - what does your connection want or need most? What are they trying to achieve? This is meant to help you find ways to help them accomplish that.

  • Super Power - what does your connection do well naturally? Who would you recommend them to and how would you recommend them?

  • Notes - free form text field so that you can add whatever information you think is relevant about this connection.

  • Emails - Email is still an important way to communicate with someone.

  • Links - Many of your connections will have blogs, social media accounts, work sites, etc. These provide an easy way to organize their links so you can keep up with what they've been doing.

Clicking on the label for these fields will open up a space where you can update the information.