BSC: Privacy

Privacy and security

About Build Strong Connections

Build Strong Connections is a truly simple contact reminder service provided by E-String Technologies, Inc., a small, independent company based in Portland, Oregon. We love to help people build community and we love to learn about new technologies, which is why we offer Build Strong Connections. We’re not here to resell information about you, or keep track of what you do online. We respect your privacy and the security of your communications. This page describes how we put those values into practice.

Privacy policy

Our default privacy policy is never to gather or sell information about you or to engage in any other behavior that would compromise your privacy and security in any way, beyond what is necessary to create accounts and manage your connections.

Anonymous metrics

We collect anonymous usage data (with no personally identifying information attached) to improve the Build Strong Connections service and web technologies in general. Examples of usage data may include information about your browser, operating system, platform, the percentage of sessions that include screen sharing, how often certain features are used, and the occurrences of connectivity failures.

Reporting a bug

All security bugs in Build Strong are taken seriously. Bugs or vulnerabilities should be reported by email to . Your email will be acknowledged within 1 or 2 business days.

You will receive a more detailed response within 72 hours, which will also indicate the next steps we will take in handling your report. After our initial reply, the security team will keep you informed of the progress being made toward a fix. As we move toward a formal announcement of the report and resolution, we may contact you for additional information surrounding the reported issue.